Thanks to our Coolux Studio we can create for you interactive, grandiose or magical projects that will impress and amaze all those present. From the small presentation room to the modest exhibition to the Grand Gala or even larger scale event, we have at our disposal the resources to make them unique and unforgettable.

Coolux Studio

For an event, a Gala, an exhibition... the possibilities are almost endless. We can make multimedia presentations, custom and synchronized on giant screens or any other surfaces of any shape with motion detection or positioning that can interact with actors or participants from single or multiple sources. The "Pandoras Box" playback system from Coolux allows never seen before flexibility, all in full HD.

Contact us to learn more about our Coolux studio and our memorable and grandiose visual presentations by phone at 450 812 4400, toll free at 1 877 443 9260 or using our email form »